'RIVETING. A powerfully haunting story that will grab you from the get-go and never let up.' ~Midwest Review

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About My Career As Novelist, FEMA Reservist and Grandmother

A lovely interview with writer Effrosyni Moschoudi for her website.Today I’m pleased to present to you L. Donsky-Levine, another fabulous author from my writer’s group, eNovel Authors at Work.I understand that The Bad Girl is your literary debut?Yes. Like many other folks who’ve dreamed … Read more »

Victims. Heroes. And A Mother’s Greatest Anguish.

As a first-time mother with my son, I suffered through the normal nervous Nellie routine. But by the time I had my second child, a girl, I’d eased into the daily grind of two opposing forces of nature, like a pro. All the baby books and constant calls to my mother became a thing of the past, and … Read more »