Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…Oh My!

Let me ask you this:  When faced with a life-changing decision, what do you do? Do you jump off that proverbial cliff oblivious to all consequence? Do you throw on your thinking cap, drum up lists of pros and cons lost in sleepless nights until some sort of decision zeroes in? Or are you one of those indecisive types who can never make up their mind on anything—ever?


Well, for me this one’s a no-brainer. I’m a jumper.  I rapidly size up the situation for what it is, or think it is then plow full speed ahead without question, without hesitation and all that lay in my path, be damned.

Even my characters, those patient, imaginary souls waiting in the wings for me to get my fat, Jewish ass in gear, possess this trait to one extreme or another. Case in point…Dr. Zoe Turner, my main character in the book I’ve been plotting through for the past six years. Every obstacle she’s faced with, she goes right for the jugular then moves on. There’s no whining going on in this woman’s life. She’s tough as nails the way we all wish we could be. But she’s also still human and those decisions she eventually succumbs to always, always come with a price.

But then again don’t they all?

It’s a slippery-slope maneuvering through this world of ours. Agonizing daily over financial obligations, our jobs, our husbands, our wives, our lovers, our children, taking care of our parents in their waning years. Yet I believe these things are the very catalysts that drive us to the point of shaping the narratives of our lives so that we can ultimately do what’s right. And letting those chips of hardship fall where they may.

Look, I don’t like making decisions any more than the next girl. But when I do, I’m not fettered in the least because I know somehow or another in the end things have their own mysterious way of working themselves out. Always. And oddly for the best. How do I know this? Let’s just say it’s not because my mother told me so—even though she is bloody right ninety-nine percent of the time (I love you Mom!). But because it’s true. And anything further than that, well, I suppose you’ll have to find your own higher-power source for an explanation. I’m all set with mine.

So what about you? What category of decision-maker do you fall into? Slow and sleeplessly steady?  Indecisive?  Or, like me…jumping off cliffs in leaps and bounds?




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