Schmoozing Across California

Tarzana, California — 7 Days and Counting. I can’t believe how quickly everything’s happening. Come next Sunday I’ll be leaving a place I have lived in for the past six years, a place overflowing with wonderful experiences and moments I will treasure for the rest of my life, to re-root myself in an old place—South Florida.

People move for a smorgasbord of reasons all the time. A new job, friends, family, retirement. Me? I moved because I fell in love with a vision of serenity. Santa Monica. I’d come here for a wedding, took one look around, at the beaches, the mountains, the pier, realized whatever I could possibly want/need was within walking distance, that and I’d never have to worry about frizz weather ever again; then waited a year until my daughter Carly took off for college, packed myself up—lock, stock and barrel—and headed west.

For the first time in a long while I felt free. Like one of those early settlers dropping everything, discarding everything in order to cross unknown territory, all for the sake of striking it rich. It was that liberating and yes…that easy. Having a virtual job does afford one those types of luxuries. And as I look back now on how the time was spent, I can honestly say I didn’t waste one moment. I journeyed everywhere. I sought out every little interesting nook and cranny California had to offer. Chichi, swanky and trendy rapidly became my middle names. I indulged every whim, ate whatever, drank whatever and had the time of my life because I knew deep down nothing lasts forever and things change.

And more importantly we have to be able to change with them.

When my daughter called to say she was having a baby—and on her own—I cried. Not tears of joy but of sadness. For her because I felt perhaps certain doors would now be closing. Then I cried for me. As a mother, we are always tied to our children. While the umbilical cord is no longer physically there, the attachment though that we have with them is something that remains with us forever. This is my child about to have a child. What could I say other than, “of course I am here for you.” I’m always here for you Carly. Even if that means giving up what I love because I’m about to discover something even greater. The joy of life. An extension of my own. In the end…can anything be better than that?

Well, I’m no longer sad. In fact once that decision was made, the sky seemed to open up like the dawn of a new day.

So as I finish wrapping the last dish, line up the boxes for the FEDEX man tomorrow and quietly dab away at my tears, I’d like to take this moment and share a few highlights from this great adventure of mine. And to that I simply say…what a ride!

LA- Farmer’s Market. Great fresh food.


Hollywood Bowl – pack up a picnic basket with all your favorite goodies and booze and spend a delightful evening listening to music under the stars. A real LA experience!



Hollywood Boulevard- Walk of FameMadame Tussaud’s Wax Museum
Hollywood_Blvd_NEW P7270455E P7270469E

Hiking the Santa Monica Mountains- Topanga State Park
Say hello to Mr. Diamondback! Just something we met along the way ~ ugh ~

Paintball in the Desert

Visiting the Famous and Departed @ Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery – Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood, Roy Orbison

Getty Museum – The Getty
Check out Jackson Pollock’s “Mural” my friend Marcelle and I saw there. Great view, great gardens.
UIMA7 P5110021E

Getty Villa
Hands down my favorite museum in all of California! Sitting high atop the Pacific Palisades. A re-creation of a first-century Italian villa, supposedly belonging to Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, Julius Caesar’s father-in-law.

Zuma Beach – A beautiful hideaway beyond Malibu, past Point Dume where the waves are pretty and the surfer boys are even prettier.

San Francisco With Carly
The Golden Gate Bridge, Riding a Trolley, Alcatraz, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Muir Woods, Monterrey.
399812_2681763637998_1704116109_n 391836_2681798158861_2120685528_n 402041_2681730597172_1872936551_n chinatown2

My Thelma and Louise Trip with Carly
Palm Springs, Hot Air Ballooning in Temecula, Panning for Gold in Julian, New Year’s Eve in Disneyland.

Like I said…what a ride!

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