On Being Thankful: The Giving and The Getting of Those Gifts We Sometimes Take For Granted

With it being Thanksgiving, it seemed a natural question for my friend to ask me what it was I was thankful for.  And right off the bat I suppose my responses mirrored everyone else’s: family, friends, health.  The big three.

But I know and you know that our lives are comprised of so much more than that.  All those wonderful silly things that break up the minutiae of the day-to-day and somehow makes everything feel worthwhile.  And these are mine.  Well some of them anyway and in no particular order.



Allegro coffee beans and my coffee grinder

Parents who are still here, still married (to each other) and who I can now finally beat at Scrabble

Home Goods


A daughter who buys me Cold Stone’s ice cream when I’m blue

Being surrounded by a few select people who love me, don’t judge me, want the best for me and when the moment strikes look at me like I’m a whack-job, brilliant or both

Foster Grant reading glasses

A good night’s sleep



Ear plugs

The ability to pursue my passions while I still feel passionately and while I still can


Books which take me someplace else

Hot, hot showers

Scented diaper pails

Half and half

Microfiber cleaning cloths for my cellphone

A son who pretends he’s listening to me

Being able to paint what I see

Hot chocolate chip cookies

Those first few moments sitting in a movie theatre realizing this is going to be one terrific story and you buckle up

Getting down on the mat and having those old parts move where I will them

Fellow writers

Shopping online

The sun shining on my face


You get the gist.  It’s all about the little things.  And every now and again, it’s important for me to remember that.  That and how thankful I am to all of you for coming here and taking the time to cheer me on.

Thank you!

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