Out With The Old!

It’s a NEW year and with that comes 365 days of fresh opportunities to do something INCREDIBLE and something AMAZING. To FIND love lost, to READ great books, to CREATE masterful pieces of art, to BUILD bridges, to SING songs (even if you can’t carry a tune); all those WONDERFUL things you’ve dreamt about doing, but didn’t.

I hope in the days to come your world opens up in a way like never before and you surprise yourself by stepping into the unknown, and BRAVELY (despite those knees knocking) and you make all those mistakes, those OUTRAGEOUSLY PHENOMENAL mistakes which you must, because believe it or not…they’re the ones that will actually push you, change you and teach you how intricately important we all are to each other and that little bit of KINDNESS you’ve been shoring up for a rainy day goes a long, long way—if you let it.

So there it is. My wish for you, for me, for all of us: COURAGE, HAPPINESS and above all else FULFILLMENT knowing that the life you have is the life you want.


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