Oprah For President. Where Do I Sign Up?

Talk about stealing the show. Talk about shattering the glass ceiling.


If you were anyone with a TV or electronic streaming device more than likely you were tuning into last night’s Golden Globe awards. And if you also happened to be someone who kept up with what’s going on in the world, you’d know that the night would be all about #Metoo and #Timesup.

Oh, the power of women and that little black dress!

But the highlight of the show was Oprah. You couldn’t miss her. Stunning and elegant, sitting front and center the way Jack Nicholson used to before he faded into the wind. That’s what you get when you’re Hollywood royalty. A ringside table at the show. A table so rightly deserved. Not just because she was receiving the most prestigious award of the night, the Cecil B. DeMille Humanitarian Award, but because she’s friggin’ Oprah.

As Reese Witherspoon so aptly pointed out in her introduction, “there are a lot of people known on a first-name basis, but there’s only one person whose name is a verb, an adjective and a feeling. And that is Oprah. When you say her name, everyone stops and listens. (Sorry EF Hutton).

And that’s just what they did last night. They listened. They sat riveted to their seats as if sitting in church, electrified, praising the Lord with their hallelujahs, while this megawatt human being did what she does best. Inspires, invigorates, teaches, reminds us that absolutely no one is inoculated from life. It was a phenomenal speech. So phenomenal in fact, it had all the makings of a door leading right to the White House.

That was the buzz today. Across all social media platforms. How amazing would that be? I couldn’t help thinking if she did decide to run for president in three years we will all look back on this Golden Globe night and this speech as the beginning. The question though is she really pursuing the idea of running or are we all just happy to jump on the bandwagon? Her camp says, “no.” But I say, yes Oprah, yes! Please!

Look, I don’t like talking politics. I don’t relish the idea of duking it out — especially in public — with every Joe Schmo. I get enough of that crap at home. I believe we can all agree to disagree, and leave it at that. But … at the risk of airing my thoughts, more than anything I want to see a woman president in my lifetime. I want to imagine someone at the helm who understands that my body is my own, that I have every right to get paid equally, treated fairly, that my opinion matters. That I matter.

So, yes, time is indeed up. Today is a new day. And its name is Oprah.

                                                                           .     .     .    .

(Photo: Oprah Winfrey accepting her Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC News)

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